With professionals of over 20 years of experience in validated biological assays for pharmaceutical, veterinarian, cosmetic and agrochemical industries, BIO FUCAL S.A. was born to provide control quality services as in vitro as in vivo assays under ethical principles and according to good laboratory practices on national and international regulations.

Our data obtained from biological reagents of high quality and accomplished by our capable staff are our credentials.


Our Biotery counts on hablitation from ANMAT by Resolution 6344/96.

In our facility we carry out control quality assays and assays for development of pharmaceuticals products, with a wide experience to international regulatios such as USP, European Pharmacopeia, OECD, guidelines, etc. At the same time, we have validated protocols from several animal models (hepatical, kidneal, tumorals, septics, etc.) Our facilities are according to GLP requirements and we are in process to 17025 acreditation.